Saturday, January 9, 2010


January 9 2010
This is gonna cost me some bracelet swapping, but I'm gonna admit to being just a tad cranky ATM....partly due to a blocked ear which is making me sound like Manuel from Fawlty Towers ("Que??") and partly because once again the cupboard is bare and no one has bothered to tell me. Seriously hard is it to say "I've just finished the bread/milk/COFFEE so we're gonna need to get some more before mum comes in here and has a caffeine deprivation moment". GRrrrr. Apart from the school holiday niggles, things are pretty good, although I can see school looming in the distance, along with all the associated organising that goes with it, sigh. On the creative front things are moving along nicely, although I will admit to having slightly more on my plate that I had counted on during the holidays, but it's all commissioned work, and money in the pot for my Ebook reader.
I'm shooting a wedding shortly, plus some work for the St Marks Anniversary book and some home shoots so hopefully my new lens will be on its way sooner rather than later, providing Kit doesn't grow any more between now and the start of school. The idea of spending my lens stash on school uniforms does not feature highly on my whoopee list. Where's my bracelet??

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