Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Bitching / Brain Related RSI

January 3rd 2010
Welcome to twentyten. Hope you're really enjoying it....and if you're not, for God's sake don't tell anyone or you'll end up with rheumatic wrists and RSI of the frontal lobe. All thanks to this....

Apparantly it's the latest thing in world peace, conveniently packaged to fit on your wrist and remind you (in the nicest possible way, of course) not to be a total snark. They were handed out at church this morning, and I was quite taken with the whole idea until I realised that I am personally responsible for setting new world levels in snarkiness. A prime example being when I gave Kit the eyeball of death while still in church for snapping his anti-snark band in two while trying to fit it over his size 37 foot so he could wear it as an anklet. Apparantly there are no mitigating circumstances with the Purple People. Which brings me to the RSI part....every time you bitch about something, you have to move the bracelet from one wrist to the other. Thus saving the Future Physiotherapists of Australia from having to fundraise EVER AGAIN. (pause while she switches wrists) It's gonna be a long year....

1 comment:

Scrapsister said...

I saw these on Oprah a while back. If it's on Oprah you can bet it'll make it's way here eventually. Of course all Americans are now completely snark-free!


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