Friday, January 29, 2010

There would be a photo here......

January 29 2010
except Teenage Mutant has given up being snapped for the foreseeable future. He did however make it to school (on the right day, this year.....give it up for the calendar!!) and has signed on for the most expensive sport he could find apart from scuba diving, which wasn't offered, thank God!! He's already come home with enough assignments to sink a small navy, so it looks like year ten is going to be a three nurofen year as opposed to last year when I managed on two, plus the occasional vodka. Himself is also on the lookout for more part time work, to pump up his "motorbike account" (don't let the name fool you.....there will be no motorbikes of any description in this house till I'm dead and buried!!) so he's been doing the rounds with resume in hand, hoping for some good news. The best news would be Kevin Rudd rasing the learners permit age to 25, but somehow I don't see that happening any time soon. Pity.

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