Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can't talk, sleeping/ Vampire eyes.

January 14 2010
Another week of early shifts over, which gives me two days before the whole cycle starts again. For a part time job, I'm surely getting a full time workout, but any job that pays my bills is a good job, lol. I feel a bit for the boys though...they've been left to their own devices while I snooze my way through the housework, so FF and I are taking them to Wet'n'Wild on Saturday for a days worth of togethering before the start of school (dum dum DUM!!) My shifts will ease off once school starts, so I really need to work as many as I can while they're available so that I can still do all the little extras, music, tennis, tae kwon do for the boys.
I'm OK with the early starts, but the red-eye factor is doing my head in. I've tried visine, saline solution, vodka (drank it, I'm not a total idiot), and I still feel (and look) like I've got a bad case of welder's flash burn. The only real solution is a power nap, but it doesn't mix well with two medium to large male children who want to go out and DO STUFF. So I wear sunnies, and avoid bright lights. Me and Dracula....we're very close.

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s'me said...

I know that feeling. At the moment I do 9-4 teaching, then 4-8 mothering, then 8-11 housework and stuff, bed at 11, then up at 5 for preparation for that day, leave at 7.30 for school!



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