Friday, March 6, 2009

Cosmic Karma and the Boys in Blue.

I have always been a big believer in karma, especially the kind that comes and bites you on the ass after you've been a complete bastard. And today my faith in a higher power was completely reaffirmed, when the boys in blue showed up in this....and booked everyone who was illegally parked. I know that it's really bad form to enjoy someone elses misery, but it was kinda hard to hide my joy....I think it was the happy dance that gave me away, lol. And the highlight was definately watching the man who bailed me up two weeks ago getting it both barrels from an extremely large and intimidating policeman when he parked in the no standing zone. I would have cartwheeled across the street, but my balance was off because I was laughing so hard. Ah, yes....the world is back in balance. Smell the Zen.....


Plant Freak said...

I totally believe in Karma too! My paying job has had a streak of bad Karma and they definitley brought it on themselves! I can't blog about it because SHE reads my blog sometimes. I got a giggle at the guy who gave you so much crap. I hope everyone saw it!!!

Scrapsister said...

LMAO no way...and you didn't text me! What a brilliant ending ;)
I saw them booking people for speeding on Wishart road before AND after school too! Awesome hehe.


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