Sunday, March 15, 2009

Music Therapy/ Shakin the House.

I have recently discovered a new scientific principle. I was going to call it Hartwell's Law, but I figure it's my discovery, so why should DH get the credit??
So I'm still working on an appropriate title, one that will guarantee large research grants and long hours of investigation. Something along the lines of

The "if you don't turn that racket down RIGHT NOW I'm going to get Energex to disconnect the power" principle, perhaps.

or how about

The "I think it's loud enough now, the dogs ears are bleeding" theorem.

Details, details....anyway, back to science. Thanks to a wicked little playlist gadget attached to my blog, I've managed to download the loudest, most brain crunching bass overloaded heavy on the drums ass kicking music in the history of forever. I am in heaven peeps...I've finally found the ultimate universe repellant. The noise emanating from Heaving Brothel Central is now loud enough for people in Tweed Heads to join in the choruses. Definately loud enough to stop anyone from encroaching on the Zen Zone without first employing the cone of silence.

I know there's gonna be hell to pay when I finally emerge and decompress, but for now it's all sounding pretty good to me......

As a precautionary measure, I have placed all items from my Universe Repellant Soundtrack towards the end of my playlist, so that innocent visitors are protected from spontaneous head explosions. Unless they hang around too have been warned!!

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