Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Death by Microchip....

Greetings from the room at the end of the garage. Tonights broadcast has changed location due to the unexpected demise of number one son's laptop earlier this evening. Yes, despite valiant resuscitation attempts by fave husband, Kit's trusty lappy has departed for that big motherboard in the sky....(take a moment here if you need one). Which is why I am typing this live from Heaving Brothel Central, instead of from my preferred location for evening posts, my bed. Yes, I am currently tied to my brontosaurus desktop in the scraproom until further notice, after DH performed a hard drive transplant which will let Kit use my lappy for school while I have to either tame the dinosaur or go without internet access until I get a new laptop. (!!)
Neither option was really on my top ten list of good times, but in the interests of year 9 education, I have agreed to make the sacrifice. TEMPORARILY!!
DH is on notice that a trip to Hardly Normal is on the cards this weekend.....I'm thinking about something sleek and sporty, with leather accessories and racing stripes.....Do Audi have a computer division???

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