Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't eat the daisies.....or anything else.

it's easy to tell when number one son is having a hard can track him down by following the trail of destuction he leaves in his wake as he literally eats me out of house and home. So far this week, he's eaten the corners off my couch cushions, the rubber backing off the remote control, eight pens, the zips off two jackets, and the rubber mounting for the screws on his laptop. That's not counting whatever he eats at school that I don't find out about. I know it's a stress thing. I know he doesn't even realise he's doing it. But it's getting to the stage where it's going from irritating to dangerous.....Bruce had to order replacement screws for my laptop after Kit not only ate the rubber mounting, but apparantly the screws as well....and he only used it for a week. He wears a St Christopher medal that his godparents gave him for his last birthday, and it's constantly in his mouth. My heart stops every time he complains of stomach ache, in case he's finally swallowed something completely indigestable and we have to chop him in two to try and find Red Riding Hood and Grandma. And possibly Saint Christopher, if the chain breaks.

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