Friday, March 27, 2009

Flat Battery

Got a call from the high school at lunch time to say that Kit wasn't well and could I pick him up....when I arrive he's sound asleep in the sick bay, and has been for 2 hours. Apparantly, he didn't want the school to call me, because we're working on a reward system for working through stress, and he thought that if he had to go home he wouldn't get his reward, lol. He seems OK, just pale and tired, and that's not really surprising because they've had mocks all week and the poor kid has had his head in a book for hours on end, as well as spendng every night hunched over his laptop, doing revision. He had an optometrist appointment on Wednesday, and he's been advised to use a full sized monitor attached to his laptop for home study, because he's getting some eye strain which is causing headaches. Another excuse for Techno Man to go to Umart on Saturday,lol. I think Kit is basically working with a flat battery ATM....he'll have a week to recharge when we go camping, if I can just get him through the next ten days without a meltdown. Please.

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Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac. said...

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