Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gettin Real.....

So, where are we this week???? Closer to where I want to be than I can normally manage, which has got to be a good thing, no?? I don't know whether it's because Easter is getting closer, and I'm focussing on our camping trip, or whether I'm just so knackered that everything's just going straight over my head, lol. Probably a combination of both. But, I'm still here, still dealing, and doing OK....with a few notable exceptions, which brings me to the getting real part.....

Sebi's IEP is on Thursday and I REALLY REALLY don't want to go. I hate talking about "areas of concern". It's depressing and aggravating. YUK.

I'm feeling REALLY anti-social ATM, and I'm pandering to it, instead of making myself get out and do stuff. I got out of personal training and school reading on Monday afternoon and work this morning because I just can't do people right now. How pathetic is that??
Monday reading is the one thing I do with Sebi's class and I'm letting my anti-human vendetta get in the way. Not good. I'm getting to the stage where I feel naked without my MP3, purely because it's a form of self defence....people tend not to approach you if you're listening to something. I'm going to try and restrict how much I use it, but I swear, I've got reverse polarity or something...the less able I feel to be around people, the more they seek me out.(???)
Even my vibes are retarded, lol. It's only a matter of time before I start wearing a shirt with "BEWARE, PERSONALITY DISORDER" printed on it. Heehee, maybe Kit would like it better than my Little Miss Sunshine one.

and the goodies.....

Kit is managing his mocks and his naplan examples really well....he's allowed to sit them in the SEU, and if he can't use his lappy for the Naplan, they'll provide him with a scribe.

Sebi is in prince mode again....loving, happy, calm. Long may it last!!

Bruce has finished putting the framework up for the deck roof....SO looking forward to that being finished.

I'm scrapping....and really enjoying it. i'm working on my fourth layout for the week...that's gotta be a record.


a loving family

my music

cooler weather

understanding people

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Scrapsister said...

I always disturb you with the I-pod ;) Pull the plug love...I have stuff to say!


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