Sunday, January 27, 2008

Try this one out for size...I'm 37% angry, which I think is pretty accurate.
I'd like to see one that measures how tired you are....I'd be off the chart,lol.
A very productive day my UYS challenge example finished ready for the start of February, also got an example finished for the first "Mystical Scrapjack"...used one of Wendy's beautiful layouts for inspiration...will show after the challenge opens. Also managed to finish my card example for the Mystical Cybercrop which I'm MCing on Friday, and I have one of the other Challenge layouts ready to put together tomorrow. PLUS!!!! My CJ is actually ready to send!!! Early!!! Can you believe it??? All I have to do tomorrow is my ATC 'celebration' series, my CC OTP example, my other challenge examples plus email my photos for the swap to Kayla. Then I will be officially up to date!!! Hurray for me :)

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