Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quiet Time

I am sitting here typing and all I hear is the sounds of silence. Why?? Because B1, B2 and DH are off on their weekly pilgrimage to all things violent at the Games Workshop. Yes, Thursday is officially "Seek and Destroy Night" where like minded lunatics from near and far (and, I'm guessing, from several different dimensions) converge at Carindale for several fun filled hours of mortal combat and alien invasion practice. Yeehah. For those of you doubting my enthusiasm, I have one thing to say.....You're spot on. I don't get it. More to the point, as far as the three citizens of impending doom are concerned....I don't want to get it. Seriously. It sounds messy and painful, and involves weapons that even McGyver would have problems with. I know I should probably show a little more interest, but this whole weapons thing drives me MENTAL!!!! I tried so hard to raise B1 without the whole arsenal thing, trying to prove that you could raise a perfectly happy male child without a plastic AK47. Yeah right. By the time B2 came along, it was a lost cause...he was teething on a plastic dagger. At this current moment our weapons tally stands at three light sabres, one medieval lance (supplied by Nanna..thanks for that) several regiments of army men, more guns than Governor Arnie used in all the movies he ever made, shields and swords in various shapes and degrees of lethal,nunchucks, ninja stars, and a long bow complete with arrows. All I can say is that if we get invaded by the Medieval Ninja Jedi Army, we're completely prepared.

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