Thursday, January 17, 2008

Picture Day!!

I am going to load all the pictures I've taken for the photo a day challenge or die's like the worst kind of instant karma....the second I try to do anything that doesn't directly involve the boys, disaster is sure to follow!!
This is why I have taken to getting up at 4 am to get a couple of hours of uninterrupted work in before they wake up. And people think girls are high maintenence!! The only problem with this solution is that the bags that used to hang out under my eyes have now decided to relocate closer to my chin. Sleep?? Isn't that something you do when you're dead?? Never mind, my sons think I'm great, and the wrinkles bring out the resemblance between me and my mother (thanks Kit).


Scrapsister said...

ROFL @ Kit...gorgeous child. I know what you mean. My everyday pics aren't loaded either...and there may be a few missing ;) Too much rain and unhappy kids. Do photos of layouts count? I hope so.
RE your comment to me - As for school uniforms, I am all done there. I managed to get the shirts and stuff before school finished and then bought cullottes for Mikaela at Big W...bargain. Jarred is done too thank goodness. Just need calf length socks...what's that about! I got his books and stuff and then found my list after you dropped in...doh!

Jolene said...

Go to bed. Now.


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