Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sneaky Peek / Counting Down

This is a little paper bag book that I made for Seb. That child is his own biggest fan lol. this is a bit of a sneaky peek as I may be using this for a class later on.
I used Basic Grey's Phresh and Phunky, and I gotta say I'm pretty pleased with it.
Seb, of course loves it because it's all about him. Isn't everything??

I have to admit that much as I love the school holidays, I will be glad to get back to a semi-normal existence again....the school holiday food bill alone is killing me!! I swear that my kids eat three times as much as usual when they're at home. Seb has the physique of a piece of string, so where he puts it all is anybody's guess. Kit has that whole stop start thing going on....he gets a bit of a spare tire round his middle, then next thing he's shot up an inch and none of his clothes fit!!
I have to go and do the whole high school uniform thing on Monday...the prices are enough to make you drop dead from shock, and the fact that they wear a WHITE SHIRT just adds insult to injury...I give Kit 48 hours before he spills something sard proof on it. SIGH. Seb on the other hand will be marching back to Wishart looking just like he always does...a study in Vegemite and dirt. The dirt I understand, he attracts it like Pig Pen, but the Vegemite is a mystery...we don't have it in the house. Me thinks thre's some serious communal mouth wiping going on in the shelter shed. Anyway, better end this now before the three warriors of the appocalypse come back from their latest mission. Ahh, Thursday.

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Jolene said...

That mini album is fantastic!!


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