Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cosmic karma and other stuff

I'm sitting in my lounge room surrounded by 12 sacks of newspapers, which have to be delivered this afternoon, and outside it's raining pianos. I'm starting to think that somewhere in a previous life I mortally insulted a weather man. Not to mention the fact that 50-odd prep parents are going to be fighting over the four available parking spots at the school while I play chicken with the Prado Squad. Please, Please, Please, anyone with school aged children can you please remember that the figure standing on the crossing in the day glow rain coat with the stop sign is a PERSON not a target. The idea is to stop BEFORE you get close enough for me to wipe your windscreen. Your children won't melt in the rain, and you stand a much better chance of getting them back in one piece if you slow down and let me cross them safely.
On other fronts, Kit is enjoying his first week of high school, although we did have to buy him a bigger bag, to accomodate the laptop, folder, lunchbox, mobile phone and all the other things he can't live without. Sebi is back enjoying his second year with Mrs Wallen, who is wise to all his tricks from last year, so I expect there will be far fewer "sore legs" and associated injuries in grade 3. It staggers me the lengths my child will go to for an ice cube in a plastic bag.
Scrapping wise, I'm looking forward to MCing the Mystical cybercrop this weekend, have some great challenges lined up, plus one or two other surprises.
ALSO!!!! Tanya rang up for a natter and we got to talking about the National Folk Festival which is on in Canberra over the Easter long weekend, and Bruce and I have decided that the boys will get a real kick out of it, so we are invading Canberra this Easter. Kit wants to busk while we're there and I'm seriously tempted to take my fiddle down as well. Stay tuned for details!!
Well, i think my prayers have been answered...there's actually a smallish patch of blue sky over my house ATM... here's hoping it lasts!!!

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