Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DT Layout

Gotta love these papers from KI memories....perfect with a sepia photo.
I'm feeling pretty happy with myself, actually got some work done....Linda, you'll be happy to know that yes, I got your CJ done, and it's actually ready to post!!!!
Now if I could just get my CJ started, we'd be looking good!!
I'm hoping to work my way through a pile of challenges after the boys return to school next week, including a set of ATC cards for mystical and the Aussie scrapjacked challenge, which as usual I have left to the last possible moment.
On the upside, Kit and I had a trip out to Mt Gravatt High to pick up his uniforms and a few other bits and pieces. He tried on his new stuff and I swear, he's gone straight from 12 to 15. I think it's the whole button down shirt and belted shorts thing, but he just looks older. And for all my previous whinging about white shirts, it's a really smart look. Brag on proud Mama!!

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