Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Way It REALLY Happened.....

as told to yours truly by #2 son, aged nine.


Abel Tasman came from Dutch to discover New Holland in 1969. Only he couldn't find it, so he discovered Tasmania instead. And it wasn't joined to Australia. Which he named Van Deimans Land after his boss. Then it started snowing and his ship turned around and went South instead of North and they went to Antarctica. On the way back they discovered New Zealand. Only it was called something else. And it wasn't joined to Australia. And all the Marys lived there. And they had canoes. And then they went North and discovered Papua New Guinea. And it wasn't joined to Australia. Then they went Dutch. After one hundred years James Cook came and discovered Australia.

Questions, anybody???


Plant Freak said...

Little boys...they are something else!

Scrapsister said...

LOL...still getting my head around the 1969 discovery and then the subsequent, 100 years later, discovery of Australia.....


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