Saturday, May 2, 2009

Northern Exposure

Tomorrow Nanna goes to Townsville to see my sister & her family in Giru, which is kind of a wide spot on the road between Townsville and whatever you run into before Australia finishes. She'll be gone for 10 days which is approximately how many lectures I've been given about remembering to feed the kids/animals, wash the clothes, fuel the car, check the mail, and you get the picture.....and it's not like I need reminding. Much. I mean, I did give birth to said children, y'know. I'm not likely to forget about them anytime soon. Not with my stretch marks. And running out of petrol with a car full of hungry naked kids is not something I aspire to on a regular basis. Although there's always a first time. And if I do run out of pet food, I'll utilise the emergency food chain. Cats eat rats, dogs eat cats, kids eat dogs.....I believe it's a delicacy in some countries. A little organisiation is all it takes...

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