Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gettin' Real

Time for an update....things are pretty even ATM, although I'm struggling a bit to keep from spitting out a few things that I REALLY want to say but that won't do any good and will probably just cause trouble. I'm biting my tongue so hard I'm in danger of chewing the damn thing off. But so far, so good....plugging myself into my MP3 is helping...if I don't hear it, then I'm not tempted to respond, lol.
The boys are fine, although I've had to come down a bit hard on Kit...he's starting to get a bit slack with his organisation at school. I've had a couple of phone calls regarding lack of required equipment in classes, which is his responsibility, NOT MINE....the upshot being he is restricted from computer/videogame use for a fortnight apart from schoolwork. At the end of the fortnight we'll have a look at his progress and go from there. His work is all up to the mark, but if he doesn't get his head around the organisational issues, his grades are going to suffer as a result and none of us want to go there.
Seb is cruising ATM, he's got an OT workup coming up plus his Kids in Mind appointment at the Mater. His typing is coming along a treat, he has four sessions a week at school which are really starting to pay off in a big way. I'm hoping to have him fully computer integrated by next year, which means getting another laptop but since Kevin 07 and I are on such good terms, I figure I'll send him the bill(!!)
So, here we go...
REALLY I need to count to 50 before saying anything that I'll regret later, even if it feels like my head's gonna explode. I know that some things are being said with the express purpose of getting a reaction. I won't play....I'm bigger than that. REALLY.

REALLY, I am dog tired ATM which is stopping me putting my best effort in with the important stuff. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. I got exactly what I asked for in my life, and I also got the tools to deal with it. Nuff said.

REALLY, I miss my mates. It's hard to lean on someone when they're 1500kms away.

And the goodies....
Cool Weather
Baking with the boys
My tribe of three xoxox

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Diane Duda said...

Hey Kjirsten.
I don't have anything to do with the making of the Polarity lockets. You can send a message to CAt through her etsy site and ask her about making the boy lockets. I will certainly give her permission to use any image you like.


thanks for visiting my blog and leaving nice comments. :)


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