Sunday, May 3, 2009

A New Challenge.....

This one comes from Alaine and it's about doing 15 minutes a day of something that will have an impact on your life.
Which I'm trying to do anyway, but it never hurts to have help.
My choice is yoga/meditation....I manage it semi-regularly and try to do at least 15 minutes after getting home from the gym, because yoga is brilliant for flexibility, and a few minutes of quiet reflection can really set you up for the day. My challenge is to get Kit to join me. He has gym three times a week and Tae Kwon Do twice, but I am keen to get him to work on flexing his mind as well as his muscles.
So, my challenge is to add three sessions of yoga stretches and meditation to Kit's weekly program, which we will do together to the accompaniment of much whining and general moaning. Remind me to charge my MP3.

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