Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beware of Preps bearing cash.......

Today was round two of the Wishart Mothers Day Stall, which is why I spent last night up to my armpits in rock salt and bicarb soda, making bath salts. Apparantly yesterday was a bigger than expected hit, with lines of very small children bearing very large bank notes. Which meant that there wasn't much left for the older kids to buy, hence the late night beauty binge in the kitchen. I stayed for an hour to help serve at the stall this morning, and it was quite an eye opener....
Firstly, no matter how old they are, men cannot shop. Even the little ones. It was kinda interesting watching their eyes glaze over as they stood in front of the hand lotion and covered coathangers, clutching five dollar notes and mentally wishing themselves anywhere else, while the girls tag teamed their way through the $3 table.
One boy was asked if he thought his mum would like some bath salts, only to reply
"nah, she doesn't bath". Hmmmm. Body lotion was also regarded with suspicion....although a few boys wanted to know what the strawberry and melon variety tasted like. The way to a man's heart, peeps.... The cutest performance of the day had to go to the preppie who came in clutching a $2 coin and wanted to know if I had any diamond rings. Someone trained him right.

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