Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beyond Stupid

Today was the teachers strike, so two thirds of the tribe of three stayed home with me. BIL was planning to spend his non-teaching strike day playing golf so I had a bit of a private HA HA this morning when I woke to hear VERY heavy rain hammering on my roof. Hey, at least I wasn't asking for a lightning strike. Strike or not, all the ladypops were on duty, standing in the rain, looking stupid and answering stupider questions from supposedly educated people who should have had better things to do. And it continued this afternoon, minus the rain.

STUPID PERSON: Hey, aren't you the lollipop lady?

ME: No, I'm the pope, I'm just filling in.

STUPID PERSON: Hey, there's a teachers strike y'know.

ME: That explains all the wet stroppy golfers.

STUPID PERSON: So how come you're here if all the kids are at home.

ME: I came to kiss the bitumen. It's a pope thing.


ME: Note to self. Purchase a taser before the next strike.

and that was the high point. Oh Yeah.

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