Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Panic Button.

This week we are flat out busy at Casa Hartwell....tonight Kit is playing in the band concerts at school, Thursday is school photo day which makes today "buy a new shirt for Seb" day, since the three new ones I bought him in January all look like something you'd use to clean the car with. Sigh. Kit is armpit deep in assignments, which means that everyone at Planet Hartwell is taking a refresher course in Year Nine. Seb had another nosebleed in the night, which makes for extra washing for the maid. Since we don't have one, I guess that makes it my job. SIGH.
Kit is getting confirmed at Saint Marks on Sunday, I have yet to pick up his confirmation present or find myself something suitably restrained and holy to wear.
I'd make a to do list but I'm already hyperventilating, and it's a shame to waste a good panic attack. Paper bag, anyone???

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