Friday, May 8, 2009

Scream Ow/ Birthday Bashing/Happy Dance

Today is not a good one for me....I slipped on the stairs at Massons while I was taking Seb to drum lessons on Wednesday evening and it's taken 24 hours for my back to realise that I've done something nasty to it. I wasn't too bad yesterday afternoon, but today has been something else. I worked Morella Street this morning and I could not keep back and my right side have grade A toothache, and I've taken some fairly serious painkillers which have taken the OW factor from 15 out of 10 down to about 9.5. I'm not seeing double or anything, but I have that slightly buzzy floaty thing going on, which I hope will wear off before I hit the road this afternoon. I probably didn't help things by vaccuuming and mopping the floors this morning, but my tolerance has stretched as far as it will go...not helped by the look on DH's face when he comes in after work and the house resembles Bomb Drop Central. I want him to hook up a web cam in the lounge so that he can see what the house looks like at midday, as opposed to what he sees at 6pm after three hours of Kit & Seb dropping their stuff in piles and playing lounge footy.
Tomorrow is Razza's 30th birthday, so I'm planning on adding serious amounts of vodka to my pain meds and hoping for the best. We all clubbed together to get her a Pandora bracelet, with a "30" charm and a heart charm with her birthstone in it.
I have decided that a Pandora is definately at the top of my wish list....I have recieved some lovely jewellery over the years from DH, but it's all very dainty and fragile and I'm definately into chunky....I like beads and leather and stone and wood...helps me feel grounded.
On the happy side of today, the new SC mag is out featureing a layout by yours truly...I haven't got my copy yet, but Nay has hers and she's promised to bring it up to school before I start my shift so I can have a squizz. Nice.

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