Friday, February 15, 2008

Plans for the Weekend??

Mystical Scrapbooks rock your blog prompt 2....
I plan to immerse myself in scrapping this weekend, I've got some new shots to develop, plus some older pix that are just BEGGING to be scrapped. The only down side is that in order to scrap, I have to be able to find my workspace which is currently buried under a mountain of stamps, papers, ribbons and other associated scrapping paraphernalia. I admit, I'm a shocking scrapper....I work best in a state of total chaos, with drawers open and things stacked everywhere, music blasting and incense burning. My mother refers to my scrapping room as "that heaving brothel" which I'm assuming is a quaint English term for a messy workspace. I can fully understand how she feels....when the creative urge is over, and I head upstairs, full of scrapbooking endorphins or whatever you get when you complete a perfect layout, I never think about the disaster area I left behind me until the bug bites me again, and I head downstairs full of creative impulses, to be greeted by the wreckage of my last encounter. So, tonite I plan to spend an hour or three re assembling my domain before I lock myself in and crank up the music. Where's my incense burner???


Lis said...

I love that about my space, being able to just leave everything as is and come back to it.

kayla renee macaulay said...

I am the same

usually i am organised
but when my mojo comes
i am a absolutely disgustingly MESSY scrapper

Oh Well! for the sake of scrapping i can put up with it



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