Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two steps back....

Unfortunately we are back on the roundabout again....Sebi has developed some nasty side effects to his medication, so we are having to wean him off over the course of a few days. We were hoping that these new meds would really help him with his organisation and skills in other areas, but it was not to be. His night terrors are increasing and he's lost weight. He has no appetite and emotionally he's on a hair trigger. So we step back and regroup.....I hate medicating the boys, it's such a hit and miss situation, and when you miss the results can be absolutely horrible. My kids deserve better. Way, way better. And unfortunately, all the wishing and hoping and loving in the universe can't make it better. So we step back. Again. I only wish I had a fraction of the patience and endurance that the boys have. Aspergers may leave them lacking in some areas, but in others we are richly rewarded each and every day that they are in our lives. And I am thankful from the depths of my soul that I was chosen for them, and they for me. For Kit who is my pride and joy and Sebi who is my special precious, with love from mum xox.

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Scrapsister said...

Oh Kjirsten. I am sorry to hear he isn't responding well. It is heartbreaking I bet. You do such an amazing job Chicky. Hoping things look up from here and he finds the perfect 'something'. Much love and prayers from me for you all.


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