Monday, February 25, 2008

Fat Computer / Monday again

Time to put my computer on a COOKIE FREE diet....apparantly it's full of the little buggers, and they're slowing it down. Sounds like me after half a packet of tim tams. Had an interview at Kit's school this morning...he's getting some static about using his laptop in class, so I had to drag out his OT file and explain in very small words why he needs to use a computer instead of hand writing his work. Makes me wonder...if he was deaf, would they object to a hearing aid?? Aspergers really is an invisible disability... whenever anyone finds out about Kit or Sebi, the first words out of their mouths are always "but they look so NORMAL" GRRRRRR!!!!
Would they prefer two heads???.... or maybe something more stereotypically autistic like spinning or rocking. In my son's own words "I'm autistic. And I LOVE Greenday".
And that says it all, folks. For Kit, who doesn't need normal cos he's truly exceptional. Love Mum xox

1 comment:

Jolene said...

LOVE your comment about the kids being exceptional. AMEN!!


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