Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday again

and already the year seems to be speeding up!! Kit has taken to high school like a duck to water, he spends a couple of periods a week at the SEU, and is already well into the school week he starts music lessons, band practice and golf.
Sebi is coming off his meds, and seems to be the better for it. He is very independant this year, organising his reading, homework and music with very little help from me. He was promoted from Joeys to Cubs on Wednesday, and is looking forward to earning his first badges in a few weeks time.
The tickets are booked and the season passes ordered....The Hartwells are going to Canberra for the National Folk Festival!! More details as we get closer.
Today is also B-day as in Baby day....Ingrid, Dean and Jessica should be here some time this afternoon, and the boys are already fighting over who gets to hold the baby first!! Will post pix later. Luck hugs xox

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Scrapsister said...

Oh wow, enjoy your baby cuddle. Inhale a little youth for me will you ;)
How awesome that Kit is doing so well. I bet you are super proud and relieved! I know I am too :)
Is Kit doing Home Ec yet? Jarred is and we have already had our first year 8 culinary experience....pretty darn good actually. We picked up some fabric with skulls on it for his sewing unti last night..boxer shorts of course hehe.


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