Monday, December 3, 2007

Winding down

We are in the home stretch folks!! Only two weeks to go and then everyone gets to kick back for a while. Kit is back at school today...he seems to finally be getting a grip on his medication but it's been hard going. We had a week where he was so tired he could barely lift his head, but hopefully the worst is over now.
Today the boys gave Mrs o'Shea her Christmas present. We should be giving her a gold medal...Tania has been Kit's support system for the last seven years and has done a brilliant job. She has always looked out for him, and let me know what's been happening at school, and has seen him through some tough stages. Kit is going to miss her very much next year, but she won't have time to miss him, because she still has Sebi under her wing. I think that teacher aides are a highly undervalued resource and they deserve a lot more recognition...they are truly "quiet achievers" who put in hours of patient effort with our kids, and very rarely get any credit for the end result. So this one's for you're a credit to your profession!!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

You said it right. Teachers aids are great!! Hopefully our school will be lucky enough with numbers that we will get 2 more next year!! That will benefit all children at all levels. YAY...


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