Sunday, December 30, 2007

Walking the "Green Mile"

and for those of you who are Stephen King fans, that's not the green mile I'm referring to...

Bruce and I took the boys for an "Outside Day", to combat the effect of too much TV and computer, and we ended up at Springbrook, which has to be mine and Bruce's favourite place...where we hope to retire to in a million years after we win the lotto. It wasn't really the best day for bushwalking, as it rained on and off, but we managed to get to the bottom of Purling Brook Falls, plus complete a circuit of the Waringa Pool track without drowning.

And it was SO worth the walk...everything was green and lush, and the only sounds were bell birds and cicadas. My idea of heaven. The boys enjoyed the day, although Sebi was a little disappointed not to spot any yowies...Springbrook is noted for them, apparantly. They had a ball getting even wetter than they already were by walking behind the falls and standing in the spray, while I took photos and several tourists asked my husband if I was with some sort of mental health day release program (and you thought I couldn't speak German....I recognise "look at the crazy woman" when I hear it, no matter what language it's in!!)

All in all , one of those perfect days that started as nothing special and ended the best way possible...on the couch... with my family.....together.


Scrapsister said...

Stunning, stunning photos Kjirsten. I have nagged DH to come take a look and log it in for our next family drive!
RE the'd be about the same dress size as the model on my blog so it would need little altering hehe...unless you meant for one of the boys???? :0

Julie said...

What a perfect day! Just what is needed at this time of the year.

Happy New Year!


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