Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Lives...

Two new lives have entered my family in the last sister is a doting mother to a beautiful daughter, and my niece Cherie has also brought a beautiful little girl into the world.
I found myself looking at my boys baby photos today, and thinking back to those first few days when everything was new and special, and of all the promises I made to them and to myself.
I haven't kept them all....but I've really tried with the important ones....
You can always come to me when you're in trouble.
I may not like what you're doing, but I'll always love you.
Talk to me...I'll always listen and I'll try to understand.
I will never let the day end without saying I love you. (even if you're not there to hear it)

To Ingrid and Cherie....hoping that motherhood brings you all the rewards it brings me every day. xox


Jolene said...

*sniff* Such words of wisdom. You're awesome, girl!

Scrapsister said...

I agree. You are one awesome Mum Kjirsten and I doubt that rules have been broken very often. My uterus is still throbbing :)


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