Friday, December 21, 2007


For those of you who heard the screams this afternoon, don't panic!! After getting the good news from Karen at Mystical Scrapbooks, I checked my email and found this!!!

Thnak you for submitting your page to Scrapbooking Memories. Your layout is lovely and we would be thrilled to consider HARRY POTTER for our FINAL ENCORE GALLERY.

The final Encore gallery is compiled of pages that are non-theme specific but demonstrate a fabulous balance of design principles and new ideas............

I am so excited....I have achieved both the goals I set myself for 2007!! (With very little time to spare, I admit).

But credit where credit's due....I wouldn't have done either if Renee hadn't given me the kick up the ass I so desperately needed, as well as taking time out of her life to photograph my layouts when my own camera wasn't co-operating. She is a never ending source of support and inspiration to me, and listens to me whinge without complaint....that's true friendship!! Thanks Nay, you're the best!! xoxo


Scrapsister said...

Oh my Goodness! Massive congratulations and a big 'About time!'. Also congratulations for the DT posotion...will go and check you out over there :) Your work is awesome and you deserve this so much :)
*Sounds like a SM email?? Yes??

Julia said...

Good onya Kjirsten..well deserved..make sure you scrap yourself with the LO in the mag!
Will keep an eye out for it!

Jolene said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! That layout is incredibly cool, so glad it's getting the recognition it (and you) deserves!!


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