Saturday, December 8, 2007


I love my camera....we have a unique and wonderful relationship, and it does what I ask it to, unlike my children or my husband. I sometimes think that the reason I put up with said husband and children is so that my camera continues to feel needed and loved. So you can imagine how I felt when i went to photograph my latest layout and discovered that someone had REMOVED MY CAMERA!!! All that was left was a naked tripod, devoid of any picture taking possibility. After calmly racing upstairs and threatening my nearest and dearest with sudden instant and immediate death, DH announced that he had "borrowed " it to take some pix of his latest DIY efforts in the garage. Which is where i found my baby, sitting in a pile of sawdust, with the lenscap OFF and the batteries flat. Some people have no respect. However, revenge will be sweet, as I am planning on "borrowing" DH's rechargeable mouse and leaving it somewhere he'll never find it. (probably on top of the washing machine).


Scrapsister said...

EEEEEeeeeeek :O What was he thinking? Does he want to die?

Julie said...

Great place to leave it, the washing machine is like a whole new planet. Hope your baby is OK.... lol

Jolene said...

How about INSIDE the washing machine?!? I was having heart flutterings reading your post. Glad your camera is ok!


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