Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Stuff

It's very quiet here for a change....but it is only early. I am full of ideas today...have got to get my rear in gear and take some pix....there's a fantastic photographic challenge on the LSBS cybercrop that i'm dying to have a crack at, plus some other challenges as well. Yesterday had the grandparents over for dinner on the new deck, it was great... i can see us living out there this summer!!!
We have church this morning, then the rest of the day I'm locking myself in my scrap room and getting some work done. Kit seems to be getting used to the new meds, although it's taking longer than we expected. He had a day at the high school on Friday and LOVED it....did a cooking class, and met some of the kids who will be in the unit with him next year. Sebi had his bowling birthday party yesterday...was a great success (very loud) will post some pix later. Luck hugs xox kjirsten

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