Friday, December 14, 2007

Hail Saint Anthony

It's my own fault and I really can't blame anyone else. I am the stupid person who took my boys Christmas shopping at Christmas. If I had any brains at all (read "none"), I would take them Christmas shopping in September....or March....or any of those other stupid months where nothing happens and B1 and B2 (boy one and boy two) spend their time whining "we're bored!!!!" But no, I have to do it the hard way. Me and Saint Anthony. He's the patron saint of car parks. He 's the guy that you pray to after you've done seventeen laps of the three story car park at Carindale and B1 is hanging out of the back window moaning "if you don't stop the car I'm going to be sick, seriously" (as opposed to being sick without giving a damn??) Who knows? Anyway, to cut an ugly story short, we found a car park, did the shopping, rescued the princess, defeated the flying monkeys, saved the world and made it home in time for Ben 10.

Saint Anthony, you're my kind of guy xox.


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