Thursday, December 13, 2007

The end of it all.....

All I can say is Thank God school is over for the year!! The boys and I have decided to start the holidays a couple of days early, cos we are all SO over school....Kit had graduation last night, recieved his year seven certificate and an award for his Memory Book, and as far as he's concerned the school year ended as soon as we got in the car, lol. So we will be sleeping in and Christmas shopping over today and tomorrow, as well as getting ready for visitors....yes, Mick and Juls are finally on their way down to Briz, bringing my third son with them. Kit is counting the minutes till Matt arrives (hopefully on Tuesday), and I am hoping that I get to spend some time with Mick Juls and Abi before I have to up stakes and count contractions with Ingrid.
I'm seriously considering cramming my butt into the scanner and duplicating myself, so I can be everywhere at once....just what the world needs, lol.


Scrapsister said...

We're pretty much the same way here too Kjirsten. Jarred went today but will only do half a day tomorrow. I am hanging out for holidays! Have a great Christmas counting contractions LOL....very exciting! Have a lovely time away and relax girl!!

Jolene said...

Girl, if you figure out the cloning/duplication thing EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY. I could sure use it!


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