Thursday, July 9, 2009

One step forward...

Today we had Sebi's appointments at the Mater. Not such a big deal really, lord knows they come round frequently enough....between the two boys I seem to have a standing reservation in the queue at Specialist Clinics. The big difference today was that the "we" who attended the appointments was Finer 50% and myself, which is a very rare occurance. I don't actually think himself has been to any clinic appointments. Surgeries, yes. But the day to day stuff has always been my deal, with help from the Mother of all mothers, while himself worked and brought home the bacon. Dr Bor specifically asked for us both to be available if possible, so I had the interesting experience of watching Finer 50% undergo his first clinic appointment. It brought back memories of the first few clinics I attended with #1, where everything sounded either impossible or utterly depressing. Things have come a long way since then, but I still get that faint uneasy feeling when I go to any there could be something nasty hiding behind the door. Today was pretty good, all things considered....#2 has been allotted 12 weeks of block time with a graduate psychology student to look at ways of dealing with frustration, which I'm hoping will come in useful when he makes the full time transition to a computer keyboard, hopefully next year. What was interesting (and slightly guilt inducing) was realising that Finer 50% and I are both enabling #2 to not achieve what he should be, by treating him as younger than he is. FF is the big villian in this scenario, lol....Piglet is his soft spot, and takes full advantage of it. We also looked at #1 and realised that we have a very different relationship with him, because his life is so ordered and structured...we have a much more formal relationship, because that's what is comfortable for him. Even though he's not "warm and fuzzy", he is a deeply feeling person and will often come up and ask for a hug and tell us he loves us. It's just not a spontaneous thing...he needs to think everything through, to make sure it's safe. Some Aspies find any spontaneous acts a little off putting (or a lot in #1's case)so we work things around his comfort levels. Piglet is a lot more natural in his responses, so I guess it's only human to want to keep him at the stage he is right now, even though it's really not the best thing for him. I just like the cuddles...heehee, selfish to the core.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

It certainly is tough watching them grow up. I had to beg Ror for a cuddle this morning, he still gives them, but they are much less frequent than they were six months ago and Kenzie who used to come and get into my bed every morning for a snuggle, only comes in every couple of days now. It's sad and I miss it, especially knowing he's my last baby. Oh well, I just have to wait for the new Grandchild, currently known as Peanut!


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