Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to School / My life on the fridge....

Tomorrow marks the start of Semester 2....which means that tonight I have to defrag the fridge. Some people use an electronic planner, some use a personal diary, I use the fridge...for a very simple reason. Even during the most disorganised day I have ever had, (and there have been many...)I have yet to lose the fridge. The same cannot unfortunately be said for electronic planners, notebooks, car keys, mobile phones and basically anything smaller than my fridge and unable to announce its presence (like my kids learned to do, early on....'I'm over here, mum...."). My fridge, thank God, remains where it has always the corner of my kitchen, full of essential nutrients and cringing under the weight of my weekly schedule. For a family of four, we seem to have the extracurricular activities of the Brady Bunch, which is why the fridge is so with the tribe of three, it's imperative to have the schedule somewhere that everyone can find it. I tried various other locations, but gave up after the laundry/tae kwon do training fiasco. I had the schedule pinned up over the washing machine, since all the sports equipment/jerseys/doboks/outdoor shoes etc were all stored in the laundry, thinking it would be a simple thing for the tribe to ready themselves for the appropriate event by reading the schedule and grabbing the neccessary equipment. Yeah. The blame falls squarely on my shoulders for being naive enough to think that any of the men in my life would voluntarily enter any room not containing either food or a TV. Which brings me back to the fridge. Since the tribe are constantly on the mooch, there are no excuses for not checking the schedule....which this Semester reads as follows.

Monday - 3.15pm Band Practice

Tuesday - 8am band practice
- 2.30pm work
- 3.30pm newspaper deliveries
- 4pm mater clinic
- 6pm Tae Kwon Do

Wednesday- 7am Tennis
- 7.45 work
- rock climbing
- 3.30pm newspaper deliveries
- 4pm drum lessons

Thursday - 2.30pm work
- 3.30pm newspaper deliveries
- 6pm Tae Kwon Do

Friday -7.30am work
-2.30pm work

These are just the ones I know about, because I pay for them, lol. Added to this at any time are school excursions, extra hospital appointments, assignment dates, changes to lessons, late shifts, early shifts and Assorted Unknown Dates. These are the ones where you know you're supposed to be doing
something, you just can't remember what it is.
See....told you I had a system.

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