Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just play it LOUD, OK???

Finer 50% surprised me with yet another wickedy little gizmo this morning....this one is a little MP3 player that plugs into the unused cigarette lighter in the Cookie Monster and lets me play all my downloads through the car speakers....everyone in the universe prob'ly already has one, but that doesn't stop the happy dancing at Casa Hartwell....the biggest bone of contention between me and the boys has been mastery of the music.....Charleyboy figures since he's sitting in the front seat, he should choose. Piglet figures that since he's stuck in the back, he should choose. I figure, I'm paying for the car, the petrol, the insurance and the kids who ride in it, regardless of where they sit, so I choose. Which makes everyone happy except those who aren't me. So, I'm busy putting together a 'dropping nanna at the airport' compilation for later this afternoon. Sing along or run behind, guys....the choice is yours.

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