Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not Me Monday.....

Just for the hell of it.....I found this link on Mck Mamas Blog and decided to play along.
So, here we go....
I absolutely did not wear a pair of Finer 50%'s flannelette pajama pants to the shops, even though they were incredibly warm and comfortable and looked pretty sharp, too....not me.

I definately did not force Charleyboy and Piglet to listen to my appalling singing, by refusing to play their choice of CD as we drove to the movies...I wouldn't be that cruel.

I would never consider a chocolate milkshake a suitable meal replacement for a ham and salad sandwich......not me.

I most definately did not spend several minutes laughing my ass off after watching a truly ridiculous cat food commercial featuring a cat punching holes in a plaster wall to get to the bag of cat treats....while the guy minding the cat then plasters over the hole and tells his girlfriend "check this out" before repeating the process. It was not funny, especially to a dedicated animal lover like myself. And the funniest bit was not the camera panning out to show all the replastered holes in the wall. Definately not.

Nor did I spend a fruitless hour scanning Youtube looking for the damn thing so I could post it here. Not me.

AHHH...I feel better already....

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