Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jim Pie and the cow paddock.

Well, we are back from our monster trek to Gympie (or Jim Pie if you're one of the tribe of three)...it was a great weekend, lots of food, lots of booze and lots and lots of Hartwells of all shapes and sizes. The boys ran wild for the duration, stalking the cows and damming the creek amongst other things, while finer 50% and I had a little R'n'R by the campfire with a bunch of neices and nephews who used to be small. I am ashamed to admit I got very little in the photo line, because it would have meant putting my drink down, and I have my priorities in the right order thank you very much. But I can assure everyone that we had a great time and the mild-to-moderate Sunday morning hangover just made the night before look better by comparison. (She says, while eating a panadol sanger). Ahhh, good times...

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