Monday, June 15, 2009

15 minute challenge update....

After a couple of weeks of regular yoga, I finally got my mind decluttered enough to start work on my house. As of today I am proud to report that I have been through every wardrobe in the building and have discarded enough clothes to open a branch Vinnies. I also went through the Bear Pit (aka teenage bedroom) and removed a truckload of assorted crap as well as finding the chargers for the ipod and the DS. Sebi's toy shelves and desk have been sorted, and I threatened DH with the ultimate penalty...any disks of any description that weren't in the right cupboard were going in the bin. (!!!!!) My kitchen is still not my fave room in the house, but that's more because the whole thing needs least I can find the groceries.
The bathroom is still a big bone of contention....when you live with the tribe of three you kinda figure that it's gonna have that "locker room" feel to it, no matter what you do. The best I can manage ATM is a random laundry sweep every day plus the usual sink/shower/floors. I have decided that when I win the lotto, we're going to have a "girl house" and a "boy house" with a communal room so we can hang out. BLISS!!

1 comment:

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

WOW you've done well! Great idea about the communal room in the middle. I could handle that!


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