Friday, June 26, 2009

Club Dead /Living in the 80's

Michael Jackson is dead. There goes another slice of my teenage years. I wasn't a particular fan, but anyone with a pulse in the 1980's tried to moonwalk at least once....admit it. The man had problems, but his music made a lot of people happy.
News like this always gives me a minor "mortality check"....I felt the same when Michael Hutchence died, although I was a lot younger and a lot more upset.
I guess you always hope that the things you grew up with will remain constant....I hate the idea that I'm now explaining to my kids who the icons of my youth were...that's a process guaranteed to age you considerably in only 30 minutes. I look at #1 son and his idols and his tastes in music and movies, and I'm suddenly nostalgic for my fluoro socks and my "Frankie Says" t shirt. So, instead of a eulogy to Michael Jackson, I'll leave you with a few 80-isms that still make me smile....

Valley Girl - remember Nicholas Cage's funky punk 'do ??
Pretty in Pink - didn't we all want to dress like Molly Ringwald??
Radio 10 Fantastic Plastic cards...we'll take caller ten.....
Max Headroom and Fido Dido....'nuff said.
Tears for Fears and the Thompson Twins....saw them live at
FESTIVAL HALL !! God, how cool did we think that place was !!
Adam Ant and his new romantic wardrobe.
U2 before Bono went off to save the world.
Sons and Daughters.....I had the biggest thing for Andy!!
Prisoner....we were TOTALLY obsessed!!

Sigh....think I'll play my Prince Charming LP.

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