Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bedroom Blogger....

In an attempt to avoid football fallout I have assumed my alter identity of Bedroom Blogger and I'm posting via laptop from bed. Not that I have anything against football per se, it just freaks me out when finer 50% adopts his alternative identity "Stupid Man". Stupid Man and I have a long and unhealthy relationship, stretching through years of sporting events, driving disasters and other 'bonding' moments. Although he bears a striking physical resemblance to fave husband, on the inside he's 80% caveman and 20% mad dog. Not the most endearing qualities in a life partner, but since his appearances are not all that frequent, I've learnt to put up with his umpire hating/referdex phobic tendancies in favour of peace and harmony and the speedy return of finer 50%. Which will be later this evening if Queensland wins, and several LONG LONG days away if they don't.

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