Friday, June 19, 2009

Fantasy Vs Reality/ A study in Character Assassination

Hi, my name is Kjirsten and this is my bubble. You're welcome to join me, provided you leave reality outside. Don't get me wrong...I don't mind reality. Most of my time is spent up to my neck in varying shades and smells of it. As a general rule, I'm a fairly grounded person...I'm the practical one, the list maker, the appointment setter. I'm not romantic's just not in my make up. I love my husband and adore my kids but I'm not into grand gestures and passionate poetry. AT ALL. Which makes the little part of my life inside the bubble that much more enjoyable. Because I do enjoy other people's romances. In books and on the screen. I love getting so involved in someone else's life story that I can temporarily put my own stuff to one side, knowing it'll still be there when I put the book down or turn the TV off. What I don't like is when reality gets in the way of my fantasy. Case in point. I'm a die hard (or should that be twi hard) Stephenie Meyers fan. The Twilight Series came into my life at a point where I was desperately in need of some total escapeism. I probably read and re-read the series for three months without looking at another book. It gave me what I needed....a fairy tale with plenty of action and a happy ending. I loved the characters, their stories, their reactions. On the strength of the books I went and saw the movie, and again, it was great....pure fantasy, where you didn't need to think too hard, or wonder why they didn't do this instead of that.
With the second movie well on it's way, I'm finding it very hard to keep my bubble intact. Do I really need to know if Robert Pattison smells manky?? I'm thinking no. Do I want to know anything about him at all, regardless of how he smells. Again, no. If he was to show up on my doorstep, it would totally burst my bubble...I already have three manky men at my place...there's no room for a fourth. Mind you, I would probably feel the same if Edward the Vampire showed up...what am I going to do with a sparkly bloodsucker in Queensland...he'd have to stay in the linen closet pretty much permanantly...what sort of life is that?? I don't want to know about the actors In Real Life. I don't even want to think about the characters outside the books. I just want my little slice of fantasy, inside my bubble, untouched by reality in any form. Please close the door on your way out.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I couldn't agree more. When I heard that this morning, I thought 'no' he smells good and has deliciously gorgeous aftershave on, his teeth sparkle, he has no more than a five o'clock shadow. He is my dream! You are right, tell them to shut up, we don't want to hear it. I too live with 3 smelly boys, on the odd occasion they smell good but for the most part they smell like sport!


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