Thursday, February 12, 2009

Plasticine Child

Myself and bendy Wendy the plasticine child have just returned from OT clinic at the Mater. I pretty much heard what I was expecting, although you always hope that maybe you won't...that maybe things have picked up and your contingency plans won't be needed after all. Firstly, the goodies. Sebi is fine...his OT hassles aren't gonna kill him. Hell, they'll barely be an inconvenience to him. With a few adjustments he can be as obnoxiously nine year old as everybody else.
Now the suckish part. The adjustments are gonna add extra time to my already 72 hour days. I know I don't have a choice. I know I'd do it even if I did have a choice. I know that pretty soon it'll just be something we do everyday. But on a purely all-about-me level....I resent it. It's time that I can no longer give to my own things. REALLY... I CAN BE WAY SELFISH SOMETIMES. Sorry...that's just the way it is.


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