Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheap Seats

on the bus for Kit....he qualifies for the STAS scheme where school bus fares get subsidised by the government. This is a huge deal for us....he's been catching a bus to and from school since the beginning of the year, which has been a massive step for him, but I gotta admit, the fares were putting a dent in the weekly budget. Even though it probably would cost more in petrol to drive him to school, we have to make sure the car always has petrol, whereas finding a spare $20 to charge up his GO card was not always so easy. So, we got this brochure home with the SEU newsletter, and once we get the forms sent out, we go to the local council office and they give him a yearly bus pass. I may be slightly anti goverment departments after what they put us through in 2008, but so far this year has been a very different story, touch wood. It may not be a lotto win, but it's a definate happy dance contender.

1 comment:

Scrapsister said...

Oh dear, how did you go getting him to reliquish the Go-Card?
Great news though!!


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