Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catch Up

We are two weeks into the school year and I'm starting to get that weighed down
how-many-days-till-Easter feeling. The boys are both doing fine....Kit has settled straight back into the school/homework/job routine from last year without too many bumps and Sebi (so far) is towing the line as far as homework goes. As for me....I am on top of things for the moment, although it's a pretty fine line at times.
Seb has an OT work up this week at the Mater, plus we're waiting on some results from his last lot of blood tests. I started back at work last week and I'm regretting it already....I seem to have temporarily misplaced my thick skin and I'm starting to get REALLY ticked at some of the parents who think it's perfectly fine to stand on the far side of the road and call their kids to run across in front of the incoming traffic. WTF?? But, it's paying for Kit and Seb to get their butts kicked at Tae Kwon Do twice a week so who am I to argue?? I've also managed to get some scrapping done...not as much as I would like, but at least I'm getting my DT stuff out on time. Nay and I are also back at the gym after a VERY slack holiday period during which time I dicovered Mint Tim Tams (not good). I'm still stuck in the Twilight Zone....can't seem to move away from my books, although I've given a couple of other reads a good try. I think that I probably need the total escapism of Meyers writing at the moment....I'd much rather reread Twilight than plough through Theory of Mind and Cognitive Behaviour Structure a-la Tony Attwood, although I'm currently rereading that as well. I've made so many notes that it's hard to find the original text, and I'm on my second copy. What I really need is Aspergers for Dummies, lol. With large print and lots of pictures.


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