Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to school

Well the new school year has sneaked up and smacked me over the head again....I don't know how I fail to see it coming, but the last weekend of the holidays always finds me knee deep in book coverings and labels, using language that you'll never find in the Heinemann dictionary (even if you have the latest edition).
This year I managed to exceed my previous standard of disorganisation by sending number one son off to school on the wrong day. Don't ask how, it's a gift. Needless to say he was less than impressed, and proceeded to complain all the way home before returning to bed in order to catch up on the sleep that he missed because his mother can't read a calendar. He's in year nine now and has got that whole antisocial teenage grunting thing down to a fine art. I'm getting used to communicating with his back, while he rummages through the fridge and occasionally I get a glimpse of his face as I drive past the bus stop, although if he sees me coming, he turns the other way so that people don't realise we're related.
So all things considered I was lucky to get first day pix. Don't you just love the expression???

"I'm SO humouring you 'cos you're a silly old woman" springs to mind.

Number two did make it to the right school on the right day, and is settling in
fine...he's at that perfect age where he still believes that I know more than him, but he's willing to try and do it himself. This year has seen the change from a toad into a cranky, prickly, stubborn boy has turned into a sweet, loving child. I adore him either way, but the prince is definately easier to live with.

Definately more Prince than toad.

Adding to school we also have drum lessons, band practice, newspaper deliveries, gym sessions and tae kwon do. How many days till Easter???

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Plant Freak said...

Such handsome men! I feel your pain with the teenager!


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