Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Contenders.....

for the "other men in your life' category. Kerryn has kindly sent me her top picks which include these spiffy young things.....
AKA Colin and Justin, who roam the world threatening to wear your lace curtains in a magazine shoot unless you update your kitchen. They're kinda like the Mike and Mal Leyland (heehee, remember them???) of the design world, without the atrocious flanny shirts and dodgy camera angles.

And this slightly scarier model....yes it's Gordon "F U" Ramsey
best known for his one word vocabulary and his slightly dodgy reputation with the opposite sex.
do you really want to know where he's going with that lamb?? Hmmmmm.

Thought I'd also add another of my top picks....Gok Wan, the ultimate accessory.

Here's a boy you could bring home to mother.....if she doesn't mind having her boobs (sorry - bangers) felt up before being stripped naked in a department store window.
Love him.

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